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Welcome to the world of bitcoin and digital currency. Now what? What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin was designed as a portable store of value that does not belong to any single country. This means that it is beyond the control of central banks and artificial manipulation. Here is what you get when you ask, "What is Bitcoin?" It is a digital currency transferred through a blockchain held completely redundant on a peer-to-peer network. This makes it borderless and immutable. This is good in the sense that Bitcoin is free market driven and not subject to supply controls. There is a finite amount of Bitcoin in existence which means that it will never devalue due to overprinting.

So, when you ask what is bitcoin you have to ask why Bitcoin? It is not easy to see on the surface, but this revolutionary way to transact business is in the early stage and has yet to become the disruptive technology many believe it to be. As a currency that is easily accepted all over the world, when people become more familiar with this form of payment, there will be an increasing adoption rate that will accelerate until this digital currency becomes a mainstream.

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We are here to help explain what is bitcoin and what is digital currency, help you navigate bitcoin and business, get you through regulatory questions and get you started as you venture into this new realm. The rules are different and you will find that this is a community of supportive and innovative merhcants, developers and individuals who want you to succeed rather than put roadblocks in your way. Everything from bitcoin mining and bit services to buying a bitcoin business. What is Bitcoin? It is an opportunity to reshape your world and we can help.

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