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  • is NOT a replacement for MegaUpload. We do not allow illegal content to be uploaded. If you want fast and simple uploads with hotlinking allowed, use

  • You can upload about 140 different formats. There's even support for .RAR and .ZIP-archives! If you upload an archive with multiple images, you'll also get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it.

  • DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, which will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.

  • DepositFiles provides you with a legitimate technical solution which enables you to upload store access and download text software scripts images sounds videos animations and any other materials in form of one or several electronic files.

  • Get 500GB of timed storage for free! As long as your file is receiving downloads it will never be deleted! Paid users keep their files forever no matter what.
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