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  • Kerkstraat 35 Amsterdam Netherlands
    2379 EY
    Bitdeposit is one of the first bitcoin banks that offers interest on deposits. We are a tight team of bitcoin lovers, financial experts and IT experts.
  • 55 E 3rd Ave San Mateo CA United States
    San Mateo
    We accept a wide range of companies anywhere from idea to revenue stage.
    We have accepted companies that have a fully functional product as well
    as people with big ideas. Typically, we like to see some type of
    product so we can visualize the idea,

  • BitcoinStarter
    is a global, all-purpose Crowdfunding platform that has positioned
    itself as a market leader, empowering individuals to receive Bitcoin
    funding for their ideas and projects. Anyone, anywhere, can create a
    project and submit it for
  • Box 4111 Malm
    SE-203 12
    Bitcoin micropayments on many online sites including YouTube, flickr, vimeo, Instagram, github, soundcloud, etc.
  • P.O. Box 7161 Thousand Oaks CA United States
    Thousand Oaks
    Pay any bill with bitcoins - fast and convenient.

  • The borrower creates a loan listing.Lenders invest directly or are automatically selected accordingly to their automated plans.After the loan is funded, the bitcoins are sent to the borrower.The borrower makes periodic payments to the investors.
  • 427 N Tatnall St #20464 Wilmington Delaware United States
    For inquiries please send us a message using the form below.
  • San Francisco California United States
    San Francisco
    Microtransactions platform to monetize digital content with nearly zero transaction fees!

  • This simple "Sell in May and Go Away" investment strategy outperformed S&P500 for

  • Our mission is to add trust and reliability to online bitcoin transactions at minimal costs. We aim to provide a bitcoin escrow service that protects both buyers and sellers, via an independent, impartial dispute resolution service.
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