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ThinkPenguin, Inc

ThinkPenguin, Inc

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203 Main Street #325 Flemington NJ United States

Phone: 1-888-39-THINK

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Where Do You Sell?: Internet Only
Currencies Accepted: BTC

Started by Christopher Waid, founder and CEO,, has a mission. To bring choice to the masses. We believe GNU/Linux is the easiest desktop operating system in history. What it has lacked is quality end-user support.

We offer a number of unique free software products and services to ease transitioning and the support support to back it up. We produce a software component which actively assists users in locating compatible services, software, and support.

Our products are freedom-compatible. Meaning they will work with just about any free software operating system. This is made possible by selling products with free software compatible chipsets.

Free software is a set of principles that ensure end-users retain full control over their computer. Free software can be used, studied, and modified without restriction.

The chipsets we use encourage community development and user participation. Users can not be locked into a vendor or product, be forced into an expensive upgrade, or have other digital restrictions placed on them.

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