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Before we explain why homemade soap is really special, we need to understand some of the basics of what soap actually is.
Soap really is just any oil that has been treated with a strongly alkaline chemical in order to break the molecular bonds that make oil oily! Naturally, oil repels water. But through the magic of chemistry the alkaline chemical Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye, splits the bonds and makes a molecule that no longer repels water. One end of the soap molecule is attracted to water and the other is attracted to dirt and grease. That is why soap cleans you!

But oil itself is a complex mixture of many different fats. If you think of water as just being H2O, and oil only being "olive oil chemical" for example, you would be mistaken. It is the mixture of many different chemicals in oil that gives different types of soap their properties. Some clean you really well, some will dry up oily skin, and some will moisturize dry skin. Soap-making is much like fine cooking: Often many ingredients go in, and just a little of this or that can make a huge difference. We strive to make the best soap recipe.

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